Monday, July 23, 2012

The Secret Box

We have a box full of odds and ends at our house, a wooden cheese box.  It hides under our sons bed.  It's his secret box.  He received it from my mother last summer, painting it with colors of his choice.  Over the past year it has quickly filled with little treasures he's collected.  Things that are valuable to him; objects from special trips, rocks, bouncy balls, cards with airplanes on them, and other miscellaneous items.

 My mother started this tradition when my siblings and I were kids.  We each got our own box with our name on it.  We were free to paint or decorate them if we wished.  They held all kinds of treasures, special cards, trinkets, toys, pictures, a piece of candy or two.  When I would open it, it was filled with memories of friends, family, and moments of my childhood.    

When Aidan retrieves something from his box, sometimes he tells me about where he got it, or a memory of his that's attached to it.  When I take a peek inside, it's like getting a snapshot of his personality at this point in time.  It's a mixture of random things, and he loves these items.  I envision the contents changing as he gets older, just as mine did.  He may even want to re-paint it someday.

You can help your child create their own secret box.  A shoe box, a wooden box, a photo box, a plastic box, or a cheese box, any of these will do.  Let them decorate it, let them decide what goes inside, with a few guidelines of course, no live critters!  You may be surprised what they fill it with, but's a secret!  

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